Are NFTs the Future of Art Collection?

I recently sold an art piece titled White Walls as NFT from my Legends Live Forever collection to an art collector named Frankie. Frankie is an avid NFT Art collector and supporter of artists in the NFT circle. Later that day, he tweeted out a picture of the art piece in his at home NFT digital screen (pictured below). It is safe to say, he inspired something beautiful in me as an artist. I have always known art presented as NFTs looked striking in screens, I have done art exhibitions where my Art NFT was showcased in a digital screen, but this was my first time seeing my Art in an NFT format, presented in someones home.

That day I kept joking that I was going to DM Beyonce like, “Hey, Beyonce, hit me up, lets talk about how we can get these beautiful pieces in your home.” It was mind blowing because it was something I had been looking forward to in my NFT journey. 

Are NFTs the Future of Art Collection? NFT Art Digital Screen
Star Gazer from Legends Live Forever Collection by Toni Payne: Picture Credit: FrankieDTankie

This incident also gave me a big aha moment and was a type of testimony that what I have been saying about NFT technology and the future of collecting art is valid. Some would argue otherwise but I ask, does it make a difference as a photographer to have my work printed on metal or uploaded onto a digital screen? Does the output affect the reason behind the work? Is the goal not to enjoy the art in a visually pleasing and thought-provoking manner?  For digital artists like myself, we usually output our work in some format, be it on paper, metal, canvas and now as NFTs in digital screens. 

NFTs are a game changer for many artists.

I strongly believe, soon, the combination of NFTs and Digital screens will be a popular way to collect art.  It’s already happening. We have seen success in the NFT circle from artists who otherwise wouldn’t have had a voice or channel to sell their art. We have seen artists who have had gallery doors shut in their faces, now growing a loyal collector base. The power is now being decentralized and some do not like it. 

I have said severally that this combination will be a game changer for many digital artists like myself. How do you display moving 3D art? NFTs have also made it easy for 3D artists to get their work appreciated and collected.

I know there is a lot of resistance, still, and that is ok. It is a new thing, and a lot are still navigating the pros and cons. I see the cons and choose to build using this technology that not only gives provenance to art but also give hope to many artists. Lets not forget the aspect of royalty, which was needed like, yesterday for visual artist. Does that stop me from selling my art in the traditional art world? Absolutely not! I believe both can co-exist. 

In my opinion, NFTs just another means of art collection. It isn’t any less valuable than if you would go pick up a print in a gallery. I use print because, as a photographer, we still have to print our art to output it. Now, with NFTs, this eliminates the printing aspect and introduces a simpler aspect of using digital screens.

NFT Digital Screens Changing the way art is showcased.

Imagine being an avid art collector and you have very minimal space to put up all the pieces of art you love. A digital screen with an NFT allows you to interchange what art you would like on your wall. You can wake up to a beautiful landscape photo or go to bed with an amazing Still Life image. You could even coast to the soothing sound of poetry NFTs because these screens also come with sound. 

Are NFTs the Future of Art Collection?
Star Gazer from Legends Live Forever Collection by Toni Payne Picture Credit: TheCJLion

I see NFTs not just as an opportunity for artists to connect directly with their collectors but as a chance for many artists that were left behind to be seen and heard. Even with the resistance in some circles, I still believe the world will eventually catch up. With anything new, there will be skepticism. I see the bigger picture. We should see beyond the fluff and rug pulls. I see a medium that will be big for art and artists soon.  Photography was not taken as serious as other art forms at some point. Now we have photographers commanding millions for their work. In the artworld, they say art is subjective, so why must how art is presented be ridged?