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Legends Live Forever – Be Legendary

Legends Live Forever is a collection of Fine Art Still Life Photography images intended to arouse diverse sensations in the audience. With art being subjective, I attempt to drive the narrative of each piece by titling it after a poem created during distinctive events in my life. But still… It is left to the audience to put the pieces together and arrive at their own conclusions. This collection will be an ongoing story of that which was, is, and will come to be.

Contemporary Still Life on Foundation

Photography is one of the most cardinal and versatile art forms. Contemporary Still Life by Toni Payne is a tribute to the versatility and strength of photography. When you expect a photograph to take a certain shape or form, you are reminded that it doesn’t have to. It explores 17th century Baroque art, while adding its own contemporary flair and using a different medium. The primary use of food in some, is symbolic to the fact that as food is to our survival, art is essential to our lives.

Everyday Africa on Opensea

Everyday Africa on Opensea, is a series that covers life in different countries on the African continent. From East to West, North to South, Africa is rich in culture, resources and is one of the most diverse continents in terms of its people, places, lifestyles and even food. This collection has been curated to take your imagination on a photographic journey to this vast mainland. To place you, visually, in a frozen moment in time. Also, to have you think about each image and ponder – because you will find, a story in a captured moment. To relish in the culture, feast your eyes on the delicacies, appreciate its people and their lifestyles, to learn and most importantly, fall in love with the continent.

Divine Skies on Exchange

Divine Skies is a collection on the Solana Blockchain. It explores our connection to the sky. Yes, clouds and its formations are amazing to look at, but I believe our connection is deeper than what the eye sees. Spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally, when you look to the sky, you are connected to a certain aspect of your life. It could be travel, freedom, astrology, dreams, or your personal spiritual journey.