How Still Life Photography Digital Art Can Find Success + Artists You Should Know

It is Thursday, August 11 2022, and Digital Collectible Crypto Art also known as Art minted as non fungible tokens on a blockchain, has been riding a wave for over a year. You can find many types and genres of art in Web3. One of them is Still Life Photography Crypto Art. I joined the Crypto Art world at the end of Spring 2021 because I saw value in the technology and what it can do for art. I especially saw what provenance on the blockchain can do for photography art.

In web3, you will find all types of creatives, from one of one artists to people who use art as a tool. Categorized under one of one art, you will find photographers, painters, 3D artists and more. It is different from generative art, which is usually attached to community tokens like the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Generative artworks are usually computer generated in variations of sometimes up to 10,000 units. With one of one art, it follows more along the lines of the traditional art ethos. 

When I started minting my works as NFTs, unlike in traditional art, what I did not foresee was the slow acceptance of Still Life Photography Crypto Art.

NFT One of One Art in Web3

Still Life Photography Crypto Art

One of one artists have found their way to web3 to share body of works minted on a blockchain and sold to collectors. There are different types of art like photography art, paintings, AI art, 3D art, animated, and even music and poetry. Artists usually take their digital art and mint it on the blockchain. They then go on to list it for sale for a collector to purchase it. In my opinion, certain styles and even genres of art do better than others in Web3. Also, I do not feel the art collector or artist ratio is balanced.

Crypto Art vs Traditional Art Collectors

The crypto art market is still in its infancy stages. There is a lot of room for change and growth. There are many factors that influence the collection of art. In the crypto art world, I believe a lot of NFT collectors tend to gravitate toward what is trendy, especially on Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, some buy art they simply love, but I am not certain that they are the majority. 

Currently, the social media app called Twitter is how most artists get seen. Due to its nature, It can feel like a barrage of artists constantly fighting to be seen. It can also be overwhelming, especially for creatives. Things have also become more competitive since 2021. In 2021, you saw more people who wanted to support Art and Artists. In 2022, the landscape feels different and due to this, I have seen artists start to walk away. If I am being honest, if we judge by the state of things this second, things are not looking as promising for many artists as it was in 2021.

Things are also no longer looking sustainable because according to some, the success found by some has not reached them. To compare it to the traditional art world, I will say the traditional art world has more collectors and if one of one art will thrive, we need to onboard them. It also has less of this public display of touting art constantly, which can take its toll on an artist’s mental health. When really do artists find ample time and a clear head to create?

Popular Photography Genres in NFT and Web3

Still Life Photography Crypto Art

In the photography art side of web3 and crypto art, there are certain genres that do better than others. Landscape photography is a popular genre in NFT. Portraits also do well. Street and conceptual photography are also popular genres minted as NFTs in Web3. 

In 2021, I remember searching and not finding a healthy amount of Still Life Photography in NFT Marketplaces. When I typed in the keywords “Still Life Photography NFT” in a google search, my artworks were at the top of the search list. I have held that top position on google search consistently for over one year. This has in some way made the name Toni Payne synonymous with the keyword in good image search. It has also connected me with people who are inquisitive about NFTs. 

Last year, during my search for artists, I met quite a handful of photographers who did Still Life Photography in Web2 but when they entered the NFT Crypto Art world, they opted not to. Do I blame them? Absolutely not. Success is attractive and many tend to go where the success is. Although seeing potential Still Life Photography talents abandon it and pivot to things like landscape was a tough pill to swallow, I understood why. The demand just wasn’t there. It was safer to just do landscape or one of the more popular genres. I cannot say I wasn’t tempted a few times to do the same, but I concluded that if we all left, who would stay?

How Can We Support Still Life Photography NFT in Web3?

Looking back at crypto art minted as NFTs in 2021, the number of people who create Still Life Photography was not many. The amount of support the genre received was also quite discouraging. I minted my first Still Life Photography work in September of 2021, as of this moment, it remains unsold. Is it because it is not good enough? Absolutely not! Will I quit and give up? Absolutely not! I understand that good things can sometimes take time.

We are now in 2022 and things have not changed much. The numbers are growing but still not up to a fraction of what you would find in the traditional art world. I believe for a genre as popular as Still Life to still receive very little support in Web3 after a year, we have fallen short.

Why is this happening? This could be because the number of collectors who show interest in Still Life Photography, compared to the traditional art world, are not many. Therefore, I often argue that, again, we need to onboard more traditional collectors. We need collectors who understand and love the Still Life Art genre being onboarded into Web3.

For those like me who have chosen to be a pioneer in this genre in web3, we must also continue to amplify our voices. Besides amplifying our voices, we should also try our best to be proactive. One of the ways I plan to do this besides bringing awareness and documenting its journey in web3, is to organize gallery exhibitions and other events around this genre. We must continue to push and fight for the success of this genre of art in Web3.

How can Still Life Photography NFT Find Success in Web3?

In order for Still Life Photography to grow in Web3 and find the same success it has in the traditional art scene, we must lead by example. It has been an uphill battle, but we must continue and actively want it to succeed and proactive about it. We must also be inclusive. When I did this article, I was intentional about finding Still Life Photography that wasnt in my circle. It can be done.

People tend to gravitate towards where they see success. How can we onboard more artists when the examples of success are far in between? I know that the popularity of something comes with numbers and with numbers come success. When we see more stories of successful Still Life Photography in web3, we will see more interest in the genre.

It is August 2022 and in the past one year of NFT’s rise to our consciousness, I have seen many sold out landscape photography collections but I am yet see as many sold out Still Life Photography Collections. I am also yet to see up to 5 Still Life Photography Collections that command the same ATH price as top Landscape art. Still Life Art is just as beautiful, thought provoking, sentimental and vibrant as other art. We can change this.

Artists who create Still Life Photography Crypto Art in Web3

Like me, there are people who have chosen not to wait for the success of a genre, to follow their hearts. They carried the baton and started to run. I have found more artists since I shared this news in September 2021.

I would like to take this moment to highlight some artists that have taken the initiative to be pacesetters and mint Still Life Photography NFTs in Web3. For the sake of clarity, I will also include myself. While I have become friends with some of these artists, I found others through research. Research is important to me so I can document the journey of Still Life Art in NFT and Web3.

Toni Payne

Still Life Photography Crypto Art
Toni Payne

Starting with myself, Toni Payne is me and I am her. I am a Still Life and Documentary Photography who has decided to pitch her tent in amplifying the genre. I also enjoy photographing wildlife and telling stories of people and places. Still Life is an important genre to me because it makes me think deeply about the why. I currently have several Still Life Photography Crypto Art Collections in Web3. My signature collection is titled Legends Live forever. I also have collections like Contemporary Still Life, Phoetry, and Language of Flora. My hope is that artists who engage Still Life Photography and Still Life Art find sustenance in their passion.

May Naibo (NaiboVisuals)

 Still Life Photography Crypto Art
May Naibo

May’s grit and consistency is one I admire. She is also a great storyteller. Her Still Life Photography Crypto Art collection The Shrooms is a personal fav of mine. Her thought-provoking Still Life Photography collection is called From Wanja’s Garden with Love!

Anna Condo

Anna Condo

The thing I admire most about Anna is that she does her art on her own terms. She is one of the most successful artists in web3 whose primary focus is Still Life Photography. I feel very strongly that you should do what is best for you and those who resonate will follow. She embodies this concept. Her collection titled Atelier is one of my favorites.

o Art collection titled Burial Rites. She also has an earthy collection titled Vessels of Earth.

Renee Campbell

Renee Campbell

When it comes to Floral Macro Photography in Web3, Renee has carved a niche for herself. She is a Fine art floral macro photographer who enjoys the use of bright colors. Her style is notable. She currently has several bodies of works minted as NFTs. One of her Still Life Photography Crypto Art collections is titled We are Rainbows.

Sahar Nateghi

Sahar Nateghi

A photographer and painter, Saher’s work are captivating. Her collection titled Still Life, infuses her imagination and fantasy. She sets it in a moody low tone and gives her audience something to ponder.

Daniel Grizelj

Still Life Photography Crypto Art
Daniel Grizelj

From the look of his body of work, Daniel has a lot to bring to the genre in Web3. He minted his first Still Life works in May 2021. Discoverability has become better since because as of May last year, I was unable to find Daniel’s works from a simple search on Foundation. This is one of the reasons the blockchain is important. It gives provenance. Even though I couldn’t find his work last year, it was there on the blockchain waiting for its forever home. A year later, this prolific piece of art is still available. This to me validates my argument that we probably need more collectors who value Still Life Photography.



Photographers can be versatile by nature. You can choose to shoot a variety of topics. I was first introduced to Priya’s work when I put out a call for Photographers who create still life art. Although Priya shoots landscapes as well, she has chosen to mint her floral and macro photography works. Her collection titled Nature Abstracts is a 10 piece collection of Macro art she has taken all over the world. 8 out of 10 of those pieces feature Floral Still Life Art. She also has a lovely floral piece titled Eye of Compassion.

Andoni Beristain

Andoni Beristain

They say some of our best creative works will come from our deepest emotions. When Andoni lost his mom, he decided to honor her with a Still Life Photography Art collection titled Pieza Madre. It also touches on color as symbolism. In certain places, yellow is a joyful color, but to Andoni, Yellow represents bad luck. Art is amazing, isn’t it?

All the artists listed above have one thing in common. They did not wait for the success of a genre in web3 to try their hands at it. I am certain many of them know and understand the struggles I spoke of but have chosen to keep going. This to me, is commendable.

NFT Collectors Who Collect Still Life Photography

The popularity of NFTs is less than two years old so many are still discovering or yet to discover it. I believe as the years go by we will see more art collectors embracing art on the blockchain. We will also start to see more physical pieces mint their certificate of authenticity on the blockchain. I am doing this with some of my physical prints.

At the genesis of it all, let us not forget the collectors who were here to make history. Let us not forget the NFT collectors who saw value in Still Life Photography when others did not. Some of these collectors include names like FrankieDTankie, Sorland, Foodmasku, Mariana Benton, Crypto Painter, Elise Swopes, Jen F, Shawn Moreton, NFT Aficionado and more.

In Conclusion

If history is anything to go by, Still Life Photography Crypto Art will have its time to shine and stay shining. We are currently laying the foundation for that to happen. During the early stages, sometimes, things will be difficult.

Some of the greatest art was created out of rebellion, and in case you hadn’t noticed, I am a rebellious soul who will always fight for things I hold dear.

Still Life Photography Art is very dear to me, and my hope is to see it thrive and receive its deserved recognition, like the landscape crypto arts of Web3. Who else will join us on this journey? Only time will tell.