Still Life Photography NFTs

Although Photography NFTs have been doing well, Still Life Photography NFTs seem to be taking their cue from history. History reminds us that Still Life art was slow to catch up to other genres but eventually become a revered genre of art. This is repeating itself in NFTs and if history is a thing to go by, I believe I am on the right track with my Still Life Photography Art collection, Legends Live Forever

What Type of Art Does Well in NFTs? 

If we look at the NFT Space today, Photography is also slow to catch up to its peer, the PFP projects in terms of demand. If you understand the market and trends, you will understand that in time, this will change. It makes sense for this change to come, because when you look at the NFT market, 1/1 Art remains more stable than PFP projects. Although, it is fair to say, this is caused by the number of investors in one project and because unlike 1/1 art like Photography, PFP Projects tend to attract flippers, which of course can affect their floor pricing.

My first collection Everyday Africa did well in the NFT space. Well enough to encourage me to move further and present my Still Life Photography work. Although it did well, it still does not compare to the volume in ETH, PFP projects tend to do.

Is Photography NFTs a good investment?

If you are a lover of art, the simple answer is yes. You must first ask yourself why you are investing in NFTs. We know that anything good can be valuable. It only needs the right eyes to see it and enough demand around it. I have seen art you wouldn’t consider art sell for 3ETH. Also, I have seen what I would consider great art, sit there and not get picked up. A bunch of people recently paid 3ETH each for a project called PixelMon and upon reveal, their disappointment was loud and clear. These are the issues you do not get while investing in 1/1 Art, especially photography. You get to see what you are getting ahead and there are fewer risks of a rug pull. You can also grow with the artist. 

 Still Life Photography NFTs

Long Term Investments vs Short Term NFT investments

Keep in mind, most 1/1 Art in NFTs are what you would consider a long-term investment. Their following is built organically and does not utilize the paid hype that comes with some projects. Being built organically means you would have more serious collectors who will passion buy the work. This in turn gives it long-term value over time. Short-term investments are great for people who wish to flip NFTs for profit. 1/1 Art falls more under long-term investments. 

Will Still Life Photography NFTs be a big deal?

My simple answer is yes but like all things, it takes us showing appreciation for it. It is imperative that we do not sit by and wait for something we enjoy getting popular before we champion it. As a creator in the NFT space, I could have chosen many other routes. I chose to stick with Still Life Art because I believe in it. Also, because, yes, we are early, and someone must champion for art that has not gained massive ground yet. If history is anything to do by, I consider myself a pacesetter, and I know that with time, betting on Still Life Photography as my signature art, will pay off.

 Still Life Photography NFTs

Top Photographer in NFTs?

My goal is to become one of the top photographers in the NFT space. I am diligently working towards that goal. I currently have two Still Life Photography collections presented as NFTS. Legend Live forever is my latest Still Life Photography work. It is also the first collection I have decided to offer cross-blockchain because innovation is important to me. What this means is, I am not limiting the collection to the Ethereum Blockchain alone. Collectors can choose what blockchain they would like their piece minted on. I currently have them on Opensea for Ethereum and Exchange Art for Solana.

My other Still Life Photography Collection is titled Contemporary Still Life and that is available on Foundation. The decision to stick to Still Life wasn’t an easy one, but it is one that I am proud of. I have chosen to be a leader and leaders encourage others to stick to the genre they love most. I am also still very much big on seeing my work in homes. This is why I offer an options Metal Print with all my work.