NFT Photography on Solana

NFT Photography is soaring, so it felt appropriate to kick off my first post of the year with a post about Photography NFTs on Solana. If you are already into NFTs, then you know the most popular blockchain currently being used to trade NFTs is Ethereum. As popular as Ethereum is, it does have one major drawback and that is in its gas fees and sometimes its speed. 

Gas fees are the fees paid to the miner to record your transaction on the blockchain. Those fees can range from double to triple-digit numbers. Due to this fact, some people look for alternative blockchains to purchase and list NFTs on. I wrote a post recently about the Tezos Blockchain. Another blockchain that is getting popular for NFTs is Solana or SOL. 

Is Solana better than Ethereum?

nft photography on solana

While Ethereum is the gold standard for NFTs, other blockchains are also making headway. There is no doubt that ETH NFTs are more popular than Solana NFTs for now. This could also easily change with time, especially when more people discover how fast Solana is for NFTs. I believe as the NFT space continues to grow, what blockchain you use, will simply be a matter of efficiency and not popularity. 

If you are talking in terms of speed and fees, Solana is an easy win. Ethereum supports roughly 12 transactions per second while Solana can support tens of thousands of transactions per second. Solana also offers cheaper transaction or gas fees compared to Ethereum which can end up costing you more than the NFT itself. Also, when taking an in-depth look at Solana, it scores higher in decentralization than Bitcoin and Ethereum. I believe the defining factor for a lot of people will eventually be the gas fees. I do not believe Ethereums gas fees, are sustainable long term, especially for smaller artists.

What is the best wallet for Solana NFTs?

NFT Photography on solana

There are two types of wallets you can use on Solana. You can use an app-based wallet or a web browser-based wallet. Two of the most popular Solana Wallets in my opinion are Solflare and Phantom. With app-based wallets, you can use them on an app by simply downloading the app and setting up your wallet. Browser-based wallets, on the other hand, have extensions that you can add to your browser. 

Solflare is a web browser and app-based wallet, while Phantom is a web browser-based wallet. This simply means that with Phantom, you would need to use it on a web browser like chrome and add an extension. Other Solana web-based wallets are MathWallet and Sollet. Some app-based Solana wallets include Trust Wallet and Zelcore. 

If you are someone who transacts on the go, an app-based wallet like Solflare might work better for you. I use Solfare because it allows me to use it on a browser and an app. I also love the clean interface and how you can view your NFTs on it. So, if your goal is to buy or list NFTs, I would recommend Solflare for better viewing and user experience. 

Buying or Selling Crypto Art on Solana

NFT Photography
Divine Skies by Toni Payne NFT Photography on Solana

Buying or selling Crypto Art on Solana is an easy process. The first thing to do is, do a lot of research so that you find the right marketplace to list your art in. As far as buying goes, it doesn’t matter which marketplace you buy from, your art will end up in your wallet and be viewable in there. 

For those looking to sell on Solana, first, determine what type of art you are selling. You can then check out the various marketplaces to see what type of art is most popular there. Another great thing to do is to join in and listen in on Twitter spaces that talk about Solana NFTs. You will need a Twitter account to do this. There is usually a lot of information being shared in these twitter spaces. I speak in some from time to time but attend them regularly to stay informed. If you see me in a Twitter space about Solana, feel free to join in. 

What marketplace is best for Solana NFT Photography?

exchange art Solana
exchange art

There are several marketplaces where you can buy or sell Crypto Art on the Solana Blockchain. Some of the most popular ones are Solanart, Solsea, Exchange, and Magic Eden. For Photography NFTs, Exchange is the most popular among Photographers who sell their art on the Solana blockchain. One key reason is that it has a category dedicated to NFT Photography.

We all know the nuances of how Crypto Art marketplaces handle the visibility of art. Also, with most marketplaces, you can only search by the name of the collection. This can be a big problem if you are simply trying to discover new art. It can also be an issue when trying to find a specific artist or type of art like NFT Photography.

I decided to mint and list my first Solana Collection, Divine Skies, on Exchange. Creating a collection is a simple process and so is listing. First, you will need to create a profile that is attached to your email address. Also, you will need to connect your wallet to create, mint, and list your NFT Photography Crypto Art. I believe for me, the best thing about the Solana blockchain is the speed. The user experience has been amazing so far. 

Solana vs Tezos for NFTs

I have sold NFT art on both the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains. Although I like the Tezos blockchain as well, the speed of Solana is so much faster. One of the nuances of Tez is that it can be slow at times. So far, every transaction I have made on the Solana blockchain has been fast. If I had to choose between the two blockchains as of today, while writing this, I would choose Solana. 

Is NFT Photography popular on Solana?

As they say in the NFT Community, we are early. NFT Photography in my opinion will become popular on the Solana blockchain. Ethereum for NFT Photography is still the most popular but with time and discovery, more photographers and collectors will start collecting more Sol NFTS. Also, Sol Cryptocurrency is holding up well in value. 

Where can I find your NFT Photography Crypto Art on Solana?

Toni Payne nft

For a look at my Photography Art on the Solana Blockchain, you can check out my collection “Divine Skies” on Exchange. Divine Skies is a collection inspired by my childhood experiences and how they shaped my love for the skies. My love for birds and travel is also symbolically linked to this collection.

Being up in the skies not only gives you an amazing view, it can also give this divine feeling that you can go wherever you wish to go. If you look up to the sky, you know that you are not limited to where you are. The sky is your starting point. It can be where dreams begin and hope is made.

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