Watch: Are NFTs the future of art? on Al Jazeera ft Toni Payne, Osinachi and Ben Davis

I recently had the pleasure to talk about NFTs on Al Jazeera. The show, titled AJ Stream, is hosted by Femi Oke. Featured on the panel were myself, Crypto Artist, Osinachi and National Art Critic, Ben Davis. We discussed the topic, Are NFTs the future of art? This is a topic I am very passionate about because I feel the lines are becoming a bit blurred with a lot of misconceptions floating about NFTs. A lot of people assume NFTs are only about Monkey jpgs or scams. Many do not know that artists are also using the technology to sell their art and give it provenance on a blockchain. I am happy that Aj Jazeera opened this topic up to their international audience. NFTs are new but I also feel like people need to keep an open mind when learning about them. You can watch the full clip below.